Let me tell you how it works for someone as broken as me, The pieces won’t come back together until they want to… They will take their time And the more broken they remain, the harder it is for them to come back the same Some spots will be left unfilled,void Some days the spotty […]


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Another Writing Prompt

The topic this time was, “The curse attached to the casket.” Did i do it justice? “You will never rest! You will never know peace in that box! I will not allow it! NaMwari ooh!” She spits at the shiny off white opulently decorated casket as it descends into the six foot deep pit that […]

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And she fell..

And she fell… Headlong, hopelessly One might say needlessly There he lay, A testament of her descent, Her downfall Into her lowest depths. She sat there, harmlessly Benignly, innocently His mangled tongue in one hand His lifeless body beside her If you asked her, He’d made her do it Her big brown eyes would shine […]

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How you feel…

I want long walks on the beachAnd slurpies after thatI want to hop on a bus and just come to youI want you to ask me how I feelTo tell me how you feelBut it doesn’t seem like it’s a thingThat could actually happenMaybe I made things up in my headAnd concluded for the both […]

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Of Late nights…

I really don’t know how to explain this one.. All I know is I wrote it in the middle of the night😜 I could never tell you how I feelAnd that will always be my burden to carryI thought if I stayed long enough you’d noticeI thought if I cared enough you would too I […]

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My first Mother’s Day gift

I get more sentimental just writing about it! So this year was quite complicated because Mother’s Day was spent in lockdown (the Rona is still here). I got to call my mom,which is the norm for me because she stays out of the country. I usually just then buy a gift and keep till I […]

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You look like an..

“What’s your name?”“Audrey”“Oh yeah,you look like an Audrey”“Well what does an Audrey look like?”“Like you…” But what about me makes an Audrey?My dark chocolate skin?(NB there’s light skinned Audreys too)My nerdy glasses?My in between height,not too short but not tall either(Side note: never met a tall Audrey before)Maybe it’s not what I look like that […]

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So as we enter February, I’ve been bingeing on series a lot lately. I still work 8-5 but I still also watch a lot, you know?😁 My cousin introduced me to this one show called “You” and I’ve got to say wow👏👏. I’m really impressed. It’s about a guy who stalks a girl and literally […]

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