The best way to not finish a story

I have to say I'm getting good at writing catchy headlines. Google says it's the best way to get the reader's attention. I agree. So I made up another one (and I'm sorry it's quite misleading). However, you're free to comment on this blog post and tell me what you think is the best way... Continue Reading →


The man who had no choice

Ok,so.. it's not a new story. Don't blame me, I needed to get your attention. The story of the Sineater continues, let's get on with it... Chenesai looked at him and could sense the wariness and the battle within him. She could only imagine what he had been through all his life. She was a... Continue Reading →

The Story continues

It's been more than a year and I realised I hadn't posted more of this story. This is what happens when you try to write your own myth-based story lol. So the story of the Sineater continues... They hired a car and were on their way by the time the sun rose. Chenesai tried to... Continue Reading →

My Stuff!

I've read the Great Gatsby and sense and sensibility. I've watched Phantom of the opera. I can watch scary movies all alone, but I'd rather not. I can cook, and wash and clean.. All in the heat of some very loud music. I don't like dishes. I can smile and wave, and conversate when called... Continue Reading →


I know I promised to blog often, but sometimes life just gets so busy you know? I'm just gonna share about the random things that are currently making my life easier and more fun. Because, if you're not careful Life as a 20 something lady gets pretty boring, mostly repetitive and downright redundant (Yes, I've... Continue Reading →

2017 review…

It's been an interesting year,and as it ends I can't complain. God has been good to me. I haven't blogged in a while,so I decided to review all the great things I've had the pleasure of indulging in this year..I can recommend you check them out. Book of the year I certainly read a lot... Continue Reading →

Day 22: How Not To Be THAT Person… the Natural Hair Edition

This is how most people react to natural hair…apalling!

The Quarter Wife

When I went natural in January 2015, natural hair was a new-ish phenomenon in Zimbabwe. Besides the mapostori women with their short hair, very few people wore their natural hair out. Because of that, I kept my hair in a wig for a good 2 months, and then braided it up constantly until I decided to wear my hair in a twist-out at about six months natural. Two years and 8 months later, I realised that my insecurity with my natural hair was my own, and I had to work through that. Throughout my journey, no one said anything bad about my hair (maybe it’s because they’re afraid of retaliation, you know, wrong prescription, painful injections, who knows? Or I truly do have RBF.), and it gave me time to appreciate my hair and show it off with fellow naturalistas in September.


Other ladies with natural hair are not so…

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If I were to write a novel…. 

So since the Sineater story is going nowhere fast, I thought I'd try my had at cover design. Granted I'm no genius... But i need the distraction . It's  my imagination of how the Sineater would look, very modern guy with an age-old curse (wait, was that just a spoiler I put in there? 😰)... Continue Reading →

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