Glad to be of service…

When you dig up your old content that no one read😂 Tell me what you think... You look at me, so wounded Like the world has just ended Telling me about how I was selfish Rotten, not a thought about how you felt... You rip my sensitivities to pieces Just because I didn't react like... Continue Reading →


To my secret valentine

#Throwback You're the type of guy My sort of girl only ever looks at Sort of like a big bad delectable chocolate cake When she's on a diet You look at her She feels a certain kinda way Naughty, notorious... Playfully noxious.... You're the type of guy That can get my sort of girl To... Continue Reading →

Day 8 of 25 #2018BOTY

I ate lots of new stuff in 2018. Almost always at the same places because I'm loyal and finicky like that. If I like something I stick to it.I also realised just as I started this blog post that I don't remember much of what I ate when I ate out. My diet mostly consisted... Continue Reading →

Femallenial Founders Gig

Day 7 of 25 is about my best experience of 2018. There might have been other experiences better but i remember this one more than all the others. A friend of mine texted me and was like,"Would you wanna go to this thing with me?" Honestly, i was skeptical about it,because I'm not always for... Continue Reading →

Best Album of 2018

I've already mentioned my best album in the last post: Jonathan McReynolds' Make room. I don't want to sound redundant so I'll also speak about Khaya Mthethwa and Oasis Worship and their new album "All about Jesus". In a nutshell: These guys rock! They feature another South African gospel artist Hlengiwe Nthombela as well as... Continue Reading →

Day 5 #2018 BOTY

I'm generally a lover of music. I loooove music. And so picking the best song was a little hard to do. However, i had to go with the songs that made me feel the mostest this year. Cycles by Jonathan McReynolds got me on a rollercoast ride of emotions. He's a contemporary gospel artist. I... Continue Reading →

Best of The Year #3

I'm a little bit behind with this challenge,but apparently I work well under pressure. So,aluta.... Day3: Best Fiction Book If you follow me,you know I've been totally obsessed with reading every Janes Patterson book available. I've read over 30 of his books so far and I wonder where he gets all these stories from. But... Continue Reading →

Best TV show #2018BOTY

I haven't watched a lot of new shows this year..Lack of time or lack of interest? Not sure which.. However,i have watched new seasons of my favorite shows. I'm pretty good at being loyal to the things I like most. For example "Supernatural". I've been an avid fan of Sam and Dean since the show's... Continue Reading →

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